Our coach will work with members of a STARS Coaching Circle to facilitate discussion on topics of interest to the group.  Members will work together to achieve results through peer coaching. Participating in a STARS Circle can be cost-effective approach to coaching, and provides a safe environment for discussion, experimentation and achievement.

Each member of the circle will commit to participating in the group in an honest, responsible way.  The circle will meet on a regular basis, and each member will come to the meeting prepared to support each other in their journeys.  Members bring their own experience and expertise to the discussion, providing feedback and coaching to the others in the circle.

Goals will be set early in the process, with everyone working to realize those goals.  Members should be prepared to work hard, but those who do will succeed at those goals, and will be building strong relationships that will support them going forward.

To participate in a STARS Coaching Circle, please complete the on-line application form.  Once your application is reviewed, I will call and set up a time for us to talk, to hear what your goals are and discuss your level of commitment.

I admit people who are smart, ambitious, and successful, are trusting and trustworthy, are earnest, but don’t take themselves too seriously, are kind-hearted, play the big game — are willing to bring their biggest challenges, can engage — show up on time, focus (no cell phones), lean in, will confront their peers kindly, and are experienced enough to know they need to change — and energetic enough to do it.

We’re available to discuss your needs and share details about coaching with a Strategic Planning Session. These complementary sessions are confidential, and typically about 30 minutes long.

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