Creating Space

During my talk yesterday with the Athens WIN group, I talked a bit about creating space. I was thinking about creating a brief pause between your emotional reactions (your amygdala) and your conscious, considered reaction (frontal lobe), by creating space. The amygdala manages your survival response, and is super efficient. You can find yourself reacting… Read More


Clutter can feel overwhelming, and ties us to the past. One way to be present in the moment is to declutter! Don’t try and do it all at once. Choose a room, then choose an area of the room. Maybe a desk, a closet, the top of a dresser – keep it small and manageable.… Read More


“If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others.  If you have no compassion for yourself, you cannot develop compassion for others.” – Dalai Lama We are harder on ourselves that we are for people in our lives.  The next time you make a mistake, think about a friend or family member – what would… Read More