What is an Executive Coach?

This question always seems follows an introduction, when I share that I’m an executive coach. I understand the confusion, as this term has multiple definitions, both formally (in a dictionary), and the casual way it’s used in conversation. To answer it, I thought I’d start with the formal definitions, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.… Read More

Resonant Leadership and Coaching

The definition of resonant, according to Merriam-Webster, is a sound that is ‘deep, clear, and continuing to sound or ring’. Dissonant is a sound that is ‘disagreeing or harsh…; discordant… out of harmony; incongruous; at variance’ (Dictionary.com). Boyatzi and McKee argue that leadership can be resonant or dissonant as well. They point to the power… Read More

Why Coaching?

Do you find yourself stuck and see no way of reaching your goals? Is it time for a career change? Have you just gotten a promotion that is moving you outside your comfort zone? Coaching may be right for you! Coaching is a powerful leadership development tool. It provides leaders with the opportunity for reflective… Read More

How executive coaching works

Executive coaching is a professional partnership between the executive and often high-potential employees, and a qualified coach. Working together in a series of confidential sessions, we will work to help you gain self-awareness, clarify your goals and that of the organization, achieve your development goals, and act as your sounding board. The relationship between an… Read More